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Welcome to our web site! In this insecure and sorrowful world around us the church is the only place of hope, encouragement, love and faith.

You might be a good man with various talents, but if you are not acquainted with the person of Jesus Christ, you will always live with emptiness inside.

Each man or woman is created by God with not only an ability to think, feel, dream or create, but also with a privilege to exercise his or her free choice - both for daily things and for issues of eternal significance!

What have you chosen concerning eternal values in life?

The Bible is a divinely inspired message with the unique quality of impregnating the mind with knowledge of the truth, and the heart - with faith!

For those who believe in the salvation Christ has provided for us, the Bible brings a promise of blessed life on earth and eternal life after death!But for those who do not believe, there is no other future but a vain and meaningless life on earth, and then - eternal condemnation.

We pray that you make the right choice and choose a life with God! God is faithful and taking care of His children - He comforts the broken-hearted, feeds the hungry, heals the sick, lifts the downhearted and opens new doors to the seeking. We encourage you to go to church, share you questions and prayer needs, and talk to other Christians, as this will surely bless you! May God bless you and lead you in His ways!

Pastor Zhivko and Nellie Tonchev

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