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The Good News Christian Church was founded in 1990. The first members were a group of Christians who longed in their hearts for practical teaching from the Word of God and a new way of worshiping God. They gathered before the church became registered officially in private homes and later in the Zora Club.
Changes towards democracy opened the door in Bulgaria for preaching the gospel openly in streets and on stadiums. The Lord added dozens of new believers in this way to Good News Christian Church. These new additions to the church family grew in the subsequent years to be leaders in diverse ministries. Now there are more than 90 people who volunteer daily, offering their talents and efforts to God and people.
      For many years Good News Christian Church had to rent different halls for the church meetings. In 2003, by the grace of God, it was provided with a permanent church building as a gift by Dr. Stefan Bankov. Approximately 500 people of all ages and occupations, and diverse family and social status currently attend Sunday services. More than 70 children below the age of 12 are taught at the Sunday school during the services. The life of the church continues at various activities and meetings held during the week.

The church has a vision of growth in three directions: upwards - for developing enlightened faith in God in every Christian; horizontal - for developing brotherly relationships with other believers in the Church; and outwards - for reaching the world with the good news of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ!

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